We have Data Centers throughout the United States, and also in Germany, Netherlands, France, United Kingdom and Canada to serve your hosting needs, and we are adding more locations all the time.  Each and every one of our Data Centers have premium bandwidth, preferred routing and 24/7 on-site hardware support Engineers on-site to ensure maximum up time and the very best service to your VoIP installation.  Our servers, connectivity and routing are also specially optimized and tuned especially for VoIP hosting.  Plus, we are the only hosted VoIP provider with a Financially Backed SLA.   Our network infrastructure and connectivity is unparalleled in the industry.

Please explore the below links to learn more about our Data Center locations and how and why they will provide you with a superlative hosting experience.  Our below US Data Center locations ensure we can serve 98% of the US population with *~20ms or less ping times.  Ping response times greatly depend on your connection, routing and many other factors.  Many of these factors are out side of our control and dependent on your internal network, your ISP and their connectivity standards.

* Ping times greatly depend on your local connection speed & quality.

Data Center Locations

North America

Ashburn, VA
Atlanta, GA
Boston, MA
Buffalo, NY
Charlotte, NC
Chicago, IL
Dallas, TX
Denver, CO
Freemont, CA
Hayward, CA
Hillsboro, OR
Jacksonville, FL
Jersey City, NJ
Las Vegas, NE
Los Angeles, CA
Miami, FL
Minneapolis, MN
New York, NY
Newark, NJ
Palo Alto, CA
Philadelphia, PA
Phoenix, AZ
San Jose, CA
Santa Clara, CA
Seattle, WA
South Bend, IN
Sterling, VA
Vint Hill, VA
Washington D.C.

Beauharnois, Quebec
Toronto, Canada

South America

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
São Paulo, Brazil


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Copenhagen, Denmark

Helsinki, Finland

Oslo, Norway

Stockholm, Sweden

Zurich, Switzerland

Gravelines, France
Marseille, France
Paris, France
Roubaix, France
Strasburg, France

Madrid, Spain

Milan, Italy
Palermo, Italy

Berlin, Germany
Frankfort, Germany
Munich, Germany

Vienna, Austria

London, England
Manchester, England

Dublin, Ireland

Prague, Czech Republic
Warsaw, Poland

Middle East

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Fujairah, United Arab Emirates

Bangalore, India
Chennai, India
Hyderabad, India
Mumbai, India


Hong Kong SAR, China

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Malaysia; Manila, The Philippines

Osaka, Japan
Tokyo, Japan

Seoul, Korea


Taipei, Taiwan


Brisbane, Australia
Melbourne, Australia
Sydney, Australia


Cape Town, South Africa
Johannesburg, South Africa