What SIP Phones can I use with 3CX Phone System?

The following SIP Phones / IP Phones are supported by 3CX Phone System for Windows. Click on the phone for a detailed configuration guide. Each SIP Phone has a configuration guide to allow it to be configured via its web interface, or alternatively to allow it to be provisioned and thus configured remotely from the 3CX Phone System interface. Need support?  Please click here!

Supported IP Phones

These companies work hand in hand with us to ensure a fast response to firmware related matters and test immediately against our latest releases. They are stable and the easiest to support.




Supported (with limitations)

These can be provisioned with 3CX and work at the time of testing. The phones are EOL and do not receive new firmwares or we do not test the new firmwares (in the case of 3rd-party supported). You can use them if you have them but do not buy these phones new or second hand.

Doorphones / PA Systems / Intercom / Conference


Legacy phones (Manually configured, no support)

These phones cannot be provisioned from within 3CX. If you still want to use them, you can manually configure them by specifying a registrar / SBC IP and AUTH ID via the phone’s web interface.