Why 3CX partners should choose us? 

This is the main question with many companies considering us, ask themselves.  Let us offer some popular questions and answers regarding this.  We have heard them all, and we have also heard all the reasons why the partners that do move to us have decided to come to us…and when they do they stay with us.

Why wouldn’t you go with one of the largest cloud providers?  You can name them…their names are everywhere.  Most everyone that has migrated to us from these providers say it was due to a clear lack of customer service and the inability to contact anyone at these companies.  Billing issues and having them disable instances for no reason is also a big complaint.  If you have an emergency, good luck trying to contact anyone to help you resolve a connectivity issues or help solve any problems that you might have.  They have such a huge run rate that chances are they don’t care about a customer with dozens or even hundreds of accounts with them.  With us, we are very different, we work very hard to keep our customers happy and running flawlessly.  Have an issue?  Open a ticket and we will get right on it!  Need a phone call to discuss some issues?  No problem....we are here and available.

Why not go direct to a cheap cloud provider?  Again, you can research and find them, but going this route you will end up with a large number of instances spread all over the place and your techs will need to keep track of providers, installs, Debian versions, backup and snapshot methods, fragmented support methods and potentially hot and cold support from these different providers.  Also, some of these discount cloud providers have just disappeared and gone off the grid.  Some could fail or go out of business without notice, etc.

Why not choose your SIP provider to provide your cloud hosted instances for you?  You can do this, but chances are they will charge you 3x or 4x what we charge and you will get less service and be limited to 2 or 3 datacenters in the US.  And, if you don’t do ALOT of business with them, you can guess where the responsiveness will be later into your business relationship with them.  Also, chances are, their hosted offering will fall out of favor since it is really not a profit center for them.  Two or three years into your working relationship, don’t be surprised if they change or discontinue their cloud hosting and force you to move.  We are a hosting company and are squarely 3CX centered, so we are not going anywhere.  This is our vertical!  You are our customer!

We provide a reliable conduit for you to cloud host your installs and also provide a 2nd level of 3CX support if you need us.

We offer very reasonable cloud hosting along with managed data backups for your 3CX installs.  Have a data issue or need to restore data?  Open a ticket and 10 or 15 minutes later you are back up and running with our optional managed data backups.  We also offer a managed firewall service on the server side.  We strongly recommend both of these services.

We also offer a 50% discount for any 3CX partner that wants to host their in-house phone system with us and them a recurring 10% month discount on EACH AND EVERY FUTURE SIGN UP FOR LIFE, for new installs going forward.  We also do not have contracts!  We earn your business each and every month!  Sign up today, just click here.  We can open up a discuss with you today and we are sure that you will be excited that you found us!